Egyptians reject Israeli-Egyptian natural gas deal and blockade on Gaza

Salem-News, Dr. Ashraf Ezzat – …The list of charges against Mubarak’s regime is a long one that included harming national interests, profiteering, selling government assets and public enterprises, squandering and wasting public money and shooting peaceful protesters. But the deal of exporting Egypt natural gas to Israel that Mubarak himself endorsed back in 2005 stands at the top of the list.

The end of a deal.

According to the crooked deal, Egypt is to sell its natural gas with a fixed price of $1.25 per million British thermal units (Btu) – while Global gas prices in the meantime jumped to $4 per million Btu- for 15 years.

Economists estimated that Egypt wasted at least $714 million in potential revenue from the deal to date, while independent analysts opposed to the deal put the number of losses much higher, up to $8 million per day.

The fervent Egyptian protests never lost its momentum by overthrowing Mubarak. Thousands of angry protesters kept coming back to Tahrir square Friday after Friday venting out their dissatisfaction over continuing to keep Mubarak and his gang of former politicians on the loose.

Finally and to appease the enraged people specifically in regard to the gas deal, two previous oil ministers were arrested and faced legal prosecution and Mubarak himself was indicted over the suspicious deal and held under detention.

Truth of the matter is, that deal with Israel made every Egyptian feel personally affronted. Not only because of the much needed millions of dollars that went right into the pocket of Mubarak and his Zionist friends, but to the audacity of selling Egypt’s national assets and pride to a formidable foe at such a cheap price.
In was hurting the Egyptian sensibility as it dishonored the memory of thousands of fine Egyptian soldiers who willingly gave their lives in the long military conflict with Israel defending their land.

Mr. Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, Israeli minister of national infrastructure and Mr. Sameh Fahmy, Egypt petroleum minister at the signing ceremony of the natural gas deal.

When January 25 revolution attacked the natural gas deal with Israel a spot light was thrown at Egypt’s most controversial issues; post-Mubarak Egypt’s political fabric, corruption and Israel.

Egypt has been a key player in the Arab-Israeli conflict since day one of its inauguration. It has engaged in 4 wars with Israel since 1948 till 1973 trying to hold back the Zionist military piracy, and signed a controversial peace treaty with Tel Aviv on 1979.

Mubarak and due to his 3 decades of dancing to the tunes of his Zionist allies in Israel, has transferred Egypt from the leader of the Arab camp to the pro-Zionist circus of puppets and drove the Egyptians into one of their ugliest tunnels of political inertia they have ever been through.

With Mubarak gone, and As Egypt was stripping itself of a long and shameful Zionist kippah, the country felt like coming out of this dark tunnel to the light for the first time. Egypt’s potentials for engaging in the Middle East conflict, with whole new palette of all shades of political colors, have reemerged and come back to life again.

Once the ruling autocratic party in Egypt was dissolved, the country’s political arena began to accommodate parties and groups of all political strata; socialists, leftists, liberals and of course the right wing represented by the Muslim brotherhood.

All Egyptian political blocks regardless of their background ideology agreed on one principle; the Egyptian-Israeli political relations should be conducted from an Arabic perspective that would serve both the Egyptian national security and interests while adhering to an Arabic agenda aimed at resolving the Israeli- Palestinian thorny file.

But while nationalists, leftists and liberal forces believed in conducting the Egyptian-Israeli tangled issues through open political dynamics, other parties, and due to their long history of covert operations and sort of underground organization were inclined to tackle this in a way that only the Zionist machine in Israel are familiar with.  More


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