Bloomberg declares May Birthright Israel month in N.Y., group plans to reach half of all young Jewish Americans

JTA — New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has declared May Birthright Israel month. [No mention was made of Israel’s ethnic cleansing of over 750,000 non-Jewish men, women, and children.]

Bloomberg will issue a formal proclamation at an event Wednesday evening in New York City set to be attended by more than 1,000 alumni of the free Israel trip for Jews aged 18 to 26.

The Taglit-Birthright Israel organization said May will feature events in cities across North America for trip alumni, special Birthright Shabbat celebrations at more than 100 synagogues, visits to communities by Israeli soldiers who participated in Birthright Israel trips and special donor functions.

The organization this month plans to publicize its goal of increasing participation from 30,000 a year to 51,000 a year by 2013, or one of every two young Jewish adults.

In January, the government of Israel announced that it would contribute $100 million to Taglit-Birthright Israel over the next three years. Birthright also plans to increase its fundraising this year by $10 million to $58.6 million, and then add another $20 million next year in order reach its participant goal for 2013.


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One response to “Bloomberg declares May Birthright Israel month in N.Y., group plans to reach half of all young Jewish Americans

  1. I am disappointed that the mayor of New York would not formally acknowledge the history and suffering of Palestinians and, by implication, of all Arab New Yorkers. This is sad and unfair.

    Mayor Bloomberg can correct this oversight, if equal attention is paid to Palestinian and Arab Americans in a future announcement of a “birthright” month for these equally deserving New Yorkers.

    Will Mayor Bloomberg do this? Who is asking him to do so?

    Everyone’s heritage is worthy of honor and respect.

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